Come One, Come All to #UTOPiA2017


Join #BookFreaks…

Escape Artists…

Authors who juggle, spin 10 plates, and more every single day!

Tattooed Ladies and Gents…

The Fortune Teller…

The Brand Freak…

The Tipsy Reader…

The Zombie Lover…

The Book Devourers…

Witness Conjoined Writers…because two heads are better than one.

Don’t miss the Sideshow Signing Spectacular!

Experience live literary oddities and other fantastic feats under the Big Top!!

There will be curiosities, adventure, romance, waxed models, abnormal abs, autographs…

And photo evidence that you were there with bestsellers, oddballs, misfits, and other miscreants of creativity!!!

Get Your Freak On!

It’s time for you to cultivate and celebrate all the wildly, weirdly wonderful things about you that make you DIFFERENT. That make you UNIQUE. That make you your own delightful brand of FREAK.

Got characters in your head that won’t shut up? Want to know how to share your talents with eager audiences?

Are you one of the book devourers? Need one a day to keep the demons away?

If books are your life and authors are your idols, join our twisted tribe for magic and mayhem in Nashville, TN June 22-15, 2017.

Journey to a Magical World of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy!

The Whole Entertainment Will Be Found Moral, Instructive, And Amusing.**

** as can be testified by reigning writing royalty, heretics and fanatics, and all forms of debauched readers.

UTOPiA is a mindset. It is the trail you blaze, the risks you take, the friends you make, the stories you share, the victories you celebrate, the love you give, the dreams you lead.


Eventbrite - UTOPiA 2017: Book Lovers Convention for Writers and Fans

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