2013 utopYAcon Panelists Announced

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We are excited to announce some of our returning panelists for utopYAcon 2013. Stay tuned for further updates. Don’t forget tickets for utopYAcon go on sale this Friday, November 23rd!

Amy Bartol
Tammy Blackwell
Susan Burdorf
KB Miller
Willow Cross
LM Davis
Erica Erwin
Amy Evans
Chelsea Fine
Amanda Havard
Teal Haviland
Angeline Kace
Tiffany King
Elizabeth Kirke
Adam Kunz
Carol Kunz
Cydney Lawson
Michelle Leighton
Quinn Loftis
KC Neal
Heather Robbins
Stacy Rourke
Jessie Peacock
LM Preston
Jessica Sorenson
Vania Stoyanova
Raine Thomas
Mike Turner