We are tremendously excited to welcome the following exhibitors to #utopYA2015.

Be sure and vote for your favorite decorations in our Time-Tastic Exhibitor Booth Contest!** Prizes will be given to winners at closing ceremonies the morning of Sunday, June 21, 2015. Prizes awarded for:

  1. Best decorations
  2. Best swag
  3. Best solo booth
  4. Best shared booth
  5. Best utopYA 2015-themed booth

** Ballot box at the utopYA Registration/Info desk

Booth numbers are next to the names listed below.


Thursday Only Exhibitors (Promenade):

Booth shorthand Example: Promenade Thursday booth 1 = PT1

PT1: Teal Haviland & MEE

PT2: Carly Strickland & Amy Leigh Strickland

PT3: Casey Bond & Rachael Brownell

PT4: Brenda Pandos

PT5: Rebecca Yarros & Rachel Harris

PT6: Julia Crane

PT7: Bridgette O’Hare & R. K. Ryals

PT8: Anna Kyss & Daniele Lanzarotta

PT9: Becca Vincenza & Cindy Hale

PT10: Erin Hayes & S. M. Boyce

PT11: Jolene Buchheit & Emily Cyr

PT12: Andi O’Connor

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Friday Only Exhibitors (Promenade):

Booth shorthand Example: Promenade Friday booth 1 = PF1

PF1: Amy Evans & Krystal Wade

PF2: Nancy Straight & Amber Garr

PF3: Bryan Cohen & Jill Cooper

PF4: Kallie Ross & Ryan Hill

PF5: E. J. Wesley & Alexis H. Johnson

PF6: C.J. Pinard

PF7: Anna Kyss

PF8: John Bryant

PF9: Michelle Madow

PF10: Tricia Zoeller & Stacy L. Darnell

PF11: Sheena Hutchinson & Patti Larsen

PF12 :Jolene Buchheit & Emily Cyr


Two Day Exhibitors (Grand Ballroom):


Booth shorthand Example: GrandBallroom booth 1 = GB1

GB1: Kristie Cook

GB2: Clean Teen Publishing

GB3: Jo Michaels & Tia Bach/Indie Books Gone Wild

GB4: Michele G. Miller

GB5: Cameo Renae & Ciara Knight

GB6: Alivia Anders & Stone Soup Designs

GB7: Liz Long & Laura Howard

GB8: Donna Dull/Elizabeth Sharpe

GB9: The Rebel Writers

GB10: Raine Thomas

GB11: Mindy Hayes & Starla Huchton

GB12: Del Conner & L. A. Starkey

GB13: Mary Ting/M. Clarke & Alexandria Weis

GB14: Candace Knoebel & Sonya Loveday

GB15: Rysa Walker

GB16: Amy A. Bartol & Jamie Magee

GB17: Kassandra Kush

GB18: L.K. Lewis & Katie M. John

GB19: Morgan Wylie & P. K. Hrezo

GB20: Nadege Richards & Komali da Silva

GB21: V. A. Dold & Courtney Farrell

GB22: Curiosity Quills

GB23: Curiosity Quills (This is not a misprint. They purchased two full tables.)

GB24: Brenda Hiatt & Alice Burton

GB25: Bryna Butler

GB26: Mindy Ruiz & Elizabeth Isaacs

GB27:James Morris

GB28: Margo Bond Collins

GB29: Shawn McGuire & Corinne O’Flynn

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GB30: Colleen Blackstone & Ellie Wade

GB31:Cambria Hebert

GB32: E.R. Arroyo & Band of Dystopian Authors & Fans

GB33: Megan Duke

GB34: Emily Skinner

GB35: B. J. Marsh

GB36:Rose Garcia & A. M. Hargrove

GB37: B. Kristin McMichael & Sharon Rose Mayes

GB38: Alexia Purdy & Kristi Strong

GB39: Eva Pohler & Chris Cannon

GB40: Chelsea Starling & Christina Mercer

GB41: J. R. Roper & Whit & Ware

GB42: Katie Cook & Chanda Hahn

GB43: Heather Lyons & Casey Peeler

GB44:  Kristina Circelli & Stacey Marie Brown

GB45: Christina Benjamin & Inger Iversen

GB46: Suzanna Lynn & Nikki Jefford

GB47: Stephanie Erickson & JoAnna S. Morris

GB48: Nooce Miller & Khristina Chess

GB49: Evelyn Lederman & Susan Burdorf

GB50: Carlyle Labuschagne & K. D. Wood

GB51: Catherine Stine & Selene Castrovilla

GB52: Brandy Nacole & K. C. Neal

GB53: Jennifer Martinez & Diane J. Reed

GB54: Venesesa Kimball & Dina Given

GB55: Gracen Miller

GB56: Kim Holden

GB57: Lauren Miller

GB58: Honor Raconteur & Trevor H. Cooley

GB59: Stacey Rourke & Colleen Nye


Please Note:

If you don’t see your name on the above lists, please contact Lindsey@utopYAcon.com. You might not have requested a table or paid an invoice.

There is still space available in the Promenade. Email Lindsey if you’re interested.