2016 Invited Guests + Signing Times

UtopiaCon2016_Panelist_Badge_LHere’s where you will find the list of invited guest panelists, speakers and experts — made up of bloggers, authors, agents, managers, publicists, librarians, educators, counselors, life coaches, business coaches, marketing specialists and more — who will be joining us at #Utopia2016. It will be continually updated throughout the year.

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Toni Aleo, NY Times & USA Today best-selling author. Recommended Reads: Assassins Series, Bellevue Bullies Series, Taking Risks Series

Alivia Anders, author and owner of White Rabbit Book Design.

Nazarea Andrews, Promotional Events Director at InkSlinger PR.

Amber Beuschel, freelance writer and editor.

Tammy Blackwell, librarian and author. Recommended read: Timber Wolves Series

Casey Bond, author. Recommended reads:Sin Serial Series, Frenzy Series and Instant-Gratification Series

Erin Butler, librarian and author. Recommended read: HOW WE LIVED

Jessie Campbell, author and freelance editor.

Emi Canahuati, founder of Talk and Thrive Education.

Renee Carlino, author of BEFORE WE WERE STRANGERS and the USA Today best-selling SWEET THING

Anne Chaconas, Badass Marketing .

Kiki Chatfield, author publicist at The Next Step PR.

Katie Cook, host for CMT, and author of Little Big Benny.

Brina Courtney, author.

Adam Cushman, director/editor Film14.

Amy Donnelly, Alchemy and Words.

Donna Dull (Elizabeth Sharp, Author) author.

Jessica Estep

Amy Evans, author; host of NA LitChat.

Victoria Faye, award-winning designer and owner of Whit&Ware.

Chelsea Fine, USA Today bestselling author and women’s empowerment speaker. Recommended reads: The Archers of Avalon series; Finding Fate series

Alex Flinn, author of MIRRORED, BEASTLY (now a major motion picture).

Angela Fredrick, librarian.

Kevin Gingerich, ebook formatter.

Ethan Gregory, blogger.

Chanda Hahn, NY Times best-selling YA author. Recommended read: The Unfortunate Fairy Tale series

Rachel Harris, author.

Cate Hart, agent with Corvisiero Literary Agency.

Cambria Hebert, author. Recommended read: The #HASHTAG series

Shawn Hebert

Carey Heywood, New York Times & USA Today best-selling author. Recommended read: HIM & HER series

Brenda Hiatt, author. Recommended read: STARSTRUCK


Heather Hildenbrand, author and writer advocate. Recommended reads: award-winning DIRTY BLOOD series; IMITATION series (optioned for NBC). Recommended for authors: Heather’s Connective Collective calls

Amalie Howard, author. Recommended reads: BLOODSPELL; Aquarathi series

Ella James, USA Today best-selling author. Recommended Reads: SLOTH, HANSEL, HERE

Ashlynn King, author assistant and avid instagrammer @bookishqueen

Tiffany King, USA Today best-selling author. Recommended reads: Saving Angels series; Daemon Hunter series; Write Stuff series; Woodfall Girls series; MISS ME NOT

Elizabeth Kirke, author and book formatter. Recommended read: More Than Magic series

Kelsey Kukal-Keeton, owner of K Keeton Designs, photographer and graphic designer.

C.A. Kunz (Carol). Recommended reads: best-selling LUCKY NUMBER FOUR by Amanda Jason; The Childe series

Geneva Lee, NY Times and USA Today best-selling author of the Royals Saga.

Quinn Loftis, author. Recommended reads: Grey Wolves series; Elfin series

Liz Long, author and owner of Blue Fire Media, LLC.

Karen Lynch, author.

Jamie Magee, author Insight Series.

Rachel Marks, Mark My Words book publicity

Brian McDonough, founder and CEO of poppup.com, author

Myra McEntire, author. Recommended read: HOURGLASS series

Shawn McGuire, author. Recommended read: STICKS & STONES

Christina Mercer, author of the non-fiction Bean Counting for Authors, and the fiction Arrow of the Mist series

L.C. Miller, author. Recommended read: Abby & the Mystic Dancers

Michele G. Miller, author.

Sarah Negotevich, agent with Corvisiero Literary Agency.

Amber Noffke, Social Media Manager at InkSlinger PR.

Misty Provencher, author. Recommended reads: Cornerstone series; The Dimension Thieves serial series; THE FLY HOUSE

Sydney Provencher, illustrator Little Rocker Chick Art.

CJ Redwine, author of Defiance series and the NY Times bestselling THE SHADOW QUEEN.

Cameo Renae, author. Recommended reads: HIDDEN WINGS, ARV-3

Nadege Richards, author and formatter at Inkstain Interior Book Designing.

Kallie Ross, author.

Stacey Rourke, author, publisher Anchor Group.

Mindy Ruiz, author. Recommended read: ENCHANTED HEART, Winner of Best Debut Novel of the Year at the Fourth Annual utopYA Awards

R.K. Ryals, author of THE STORY OF AKWARD, HAWTHORNE & HEATHCLIFF, the Scribes of Medeisia series, and the Redemption series.

Danielle Sanchez, Publicity Director at InkSlinger PR

Victoria Schmitz, freelance editor at Crimson Tide Editorial.

Victoria “V.E.” Schwab, author. Recommended reads: THE NEAR WITCH, ARCHIVED, VICIOUS, DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC

B.J. Sheldon, author.

K.P. Simmon, InkSlinger PR.

Belle Smith, blogger at Belle’s Beastly Book Blog.

Raine Thomas, author. Recommended read: Return of the Ascendant

Mary Ting/M. Clarke, author of KNIGHT FASHION, Fairy Tale Confessions Anthology.

B.N. Toler, author. Recommended read: WHERE ONE GOES

Alessandra Torre, NY Times bestselling author. Recommended reads: BLACK LIES, HOLLYWOOD DIRT, Deanna Madden series

Ednah Walters, author of Runes Series.

Regina Wamba, owner of Mae I Design and Photography, award-winning book cover designer and photographer..

Hollie Westring, author and editor.

Rebecca Yarros, author. Recommended read: Flight and Glory series

Justin Zagri, writer and director, SEVERUS SNAPE AND THE MARAUDERS.


Official Bloggers

Jo Michaels, host of Official UTOPiA author interviews on Blog Talk Radio.

Maria Pease, The Paisley Reader, co-creator of UTOPiA Resolutions

Ashley Bodette, Book Junkie Not So Anonymous, co-creator of UTOPiA Resolutions

Ren Reidy, A Little Bit of R&R

Delphina Miyares, author and owner of Delphina Reads Too Much, our official NA blogger

Shana Benedict, A Book Vacation

Kathryn Grimes, Tsk Tsk What to Read

Christina Marie of LuLo Fan Girl, book tuber

Panelist Signing Times for Thursday, June 23rd
Location: Promenade
(directly outside the Grand Ballroom, which is the Exhibitor + Signing Area)

12:00PM – 12:45PM
~ Ashley Bodette
~ Chelsea Fine
~ Rachel Harris
~ Brenda Hiatt
~ Amalie Howard
~ Liz Long
~ Jo Michaels
~ L. C. Miller
~ Misty Provencher
~ Ren Reidy
~ Mindy Ruiz
~ B. J. Sheldon
~ Rebecca Yarros

2:00PM – 2:45PM
~ Renee Carlino
~ Katie Cook
~ Chelsea Fine
~ Chanda Hahn
~ Quinn Loftis
~ Karen Lynch
~ Brian McDonough
~ R. K. Ryals
~ Ednah Walters

3:00PM – 3:45PM
~ Jess Campbell
~ Brina Courtney
~ Alex Flinn
~ Ella James
~ Victoria “V.E.” Schwab
~ C. J. Redwine
~ Mary Ting/ M. Clarke
~ Alessandra Torre
~ Hollie Westring

4:00PM – 4:45PM
~ Tammy Blackwell
~ Amy Evans
~ Shawn McGuire
~ Christina Mercer
~ Raine Thomas

Panelist Signing Times for Friday, June 24th 
Location: Promenade
(directly outside the Grand Ballroom, which is the Exhibitor + Signing Area)

12:00PM – 12:45PM
~ Tammy Blackwell
~ Erin Butler
~ Renee Carlino
~ Chanda Hahn
~ Geneva Lee
~ Stacey Rourke
~ B. J. Sheldon
~ Toni Aleo

2:00PM – 2:45PM
~ Amanda Jason/ C. A. Kunz
~ Tiffany King
~ Liz Long
~ Jamie Magee
~ Shawn McGuire
~ Michele G. Miller
~ Nikki Nelson-Hicks
~ Kallie Ross
~ B. N. Toler

3:00PM – 3:45PM
~ Casey L. Bond
~ Cambria Hebert
~ Carey Heywood
~ Heather Hildenbrand
~ Elizabeth Kirke
~ Geneva Lee
~ Myra McEntire
~ Misty Provencher
~ Nadege Richards
~ Elizabeth Sharp
~ Tiffany King

4:00PM – 4:45PM
~ Alivia Anders
~ Chelsea Fine
~ Cambria Hebert
~ Quinn Loftis
~ Cameo Renae
~ Chelsea Starling

Convention registration is now open.
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  1. Are you including award winning author Stacey O’Neale and award nominated blogger Ethan Gregory- we couldn’t believe they were not on panels this year!

    1. Post

      Hi Brenda,

      Moderators have first dibs on selecting panelists. Then UTOPiA team fills in the blanks, if any, after that. As far as I know, neither Stacey nor Ethan has never expressed interest in being a panelist. And we have a list a mile long from people who have requested to be on panels. The FAQs page discusses this in more detail: http://www.utopiacon.com/faq/ There are still plenty of opportunities to blaze your own trail at UTOPiAcon, regardless of whether you end up on a panel, and we encourage everyone to do so.

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