Authors R My Idols (ARMI) Saturday Signing

Welcome to the ARMI Signing event hosted by utopYA!!

I hope you are all getting as excited about #utopYA2015 as we are! Here is information regarding the Saturday Signing on June 20, 2015, which is sponsored by Indie-Visible.

bookemWe are extremely happy to announce that we have partnered once again with Book ‘Em, a non-profit organization dedicated to the collection and distribution of books to children and teens in lower-income families, for this special event.

The public signing event will be FREE to anyone who brings a new or gently used children’s book for donation.

It will be only $5 at the door to those who do not bring a book. All admission fees and books go to Book ‘Em.

Event Date: Saturday, June 20, 2014
Event time: 10 AM – 3 PM
You can secure a spot at the morning session 10 AM-12 PM on our Eventbrite page.
You can secure your spot at the afternoon session 1-3 PM on our Eventbrite page.
Location: Grand Ballroom of Millennium Maxwell House Hotel, 2025 Rosa L Parks Blvd, Nashville, TN 37228
Layout of the tables for the Signing event:
Authors will be in alphabetical order by last name starting from Table #1.

booth numbers (1)Authors who will be signing books for YOU:

Anders, Alivia

Bach, Tia

Ballard, Colette

Bartol, Amy

Benjamin, Christina

Boyce, S. M.

Burdorf, Susan

Cannon, Chris

Circelli, Kristina

Cleeton, Chanel

Cohen, Bryan

Collins, Elizabeth

Cook, Katie

Cook, Kristie

Crane, Julia

Crutcher, Paige

da Silva, Komali

Danzer, Erin

Darnell, Stacy

Dold, V.A.

Donovan, Rebecca

Duke, Megan

Dunbar, Helene

Eby, Jade

Evans, Amy

Farrell, Courtney

Ficklin, Sherry

Fine, Chelsea

Ford, Lizzy

Foster, C. L.

Garcia, Rose

Garr, Amber

Given, Dina

Goldsworthy, Sandy

Greene, Nichole

Grover Swank, Denise

Hahn, Chanda

Hale, Benjamin

Hargrove, A. M.

Harris, Rachel

Hebert, Cambria

Henley, A.G.

Henley, Delphina

Hiatt, Brenda

Higginson, Rachel

Hildenbrand, Heather

Holden, Kim

Howard, Laura J.

Hrezo, P. K.

Hutchinson, Sheena

Isaacs, Elizabeth

Iversen, Inger

Jackson, Angelica

James, Ella

Jefford, Nikki

John, Katie M.

Johnson, Alexis

Kay, Theresa

Kemper, Alison

Kimball, Venessa

Knoebel, Candace

Kunz, C. A./ T. A. Kunz

Kunz, C. A./ Amanda Jason

Kush, Kassandra

Kyss, Anna

Labuschagne, Carlyle

Larsen, Patti

Lederman, Evelyn

Long, Liz

Loveday, Sonya

Lyons, Heather

Madow, Michelle

Marcoe, Caylie

McEntire, Myra

McGuire, Shawn

Meyer, Marissa

Michaels, Jo

Miles, Amy

Miller, Gracen

Miller, Lauren

Miller, Michele G

Miller, Nooce

Moon, Amanda

Morris, James

Morris, JoAnna

Neal, K. C.

Nichols, Kat

O’Flynn, Corinne

O’Neale, Stacey

Pandos, Brenda

Peeler, Casey

Pensy, Allison

Pinard, C. J.

Pohler, Eva

Provencher, Misty

Purdy, Alexia

Redwine, C. J.

Reed, Diane J

Renae, Cameo

Richards, Nadege

Risser, Kelly

Rix, Daniel J

Roberts, Lisa Brown

Roccaforte, Bella

Rose, Sharon

Ross, Kallie

Ruiz, Mindy

Sharp, Elizabeth

Sheldon, B. J.

Skinner, Emily

Smith, Stormy

Sorensen, Jessica

Starling, Chelsea

Stevens, Courtney

Stine, Catherine

Sunseri, Heather

Thalassa, Laura

Thomas, Raine

Ting, Mary

Vincenza, Becca

Wade, Ellie

Walker, Rysa

Walls, Devri

Webber, Tammara

Wesley, E. J

Wilson, Stacie

Wylie, Morgan

Yarros, Rebecca

Zoeller, Tricia