WORKSHOP: Blockbuster Book Trailer Bootcamp

You know what book trailers are, but have you heard of Blurb Trailers or Trailergrams?

How about Cinematic Trailers?

The world of book trailers has changed. It isn’t good enough anymore to throw together a slideshow with text about your book in video form, and hope to grab the attention of potential readers and sell your book. Breaking through the clutter, much less selling books is becoming more challenging.


  • Videos are the most shared items on the internet.
  • Mobile drives more than 50% of e-commerce.
  • By 2018 video will account for over 2/3 of mobile usage.
  • A goldfish has an :08 second attention span…the average person has :07.
  • A person who watches a product video is 85% more likely to make a purchase than if they hadn’t.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, right behind Google, which owns it. Having a book trailer can potentially increase your book’s exposure exponentially.

The good news is that with more media options, new forms of video available to creators, and tools that are more accessible, it’s possible to create jaw-dropping, heart-throbbing book trailers whether they are pushing three minutes or are a mere 12 seconds.

Film14 have created book trailers that have received more than 140,000 views each.

Film14 book trailer clients include: Jennifer L. Armentrout • Bella Forrest • Denise Grover Swank • Anthony Swofford • Liliana Hart • Sally Green

Adam Cushman, head of Film 14, will share with you what it takes to elevate your trailers and draw the viewer into your story’s world with an exclusive, two-hour workshop at #UTOPiA2016.

Because attention spans are shrinking and the number of book releases growing, it’s vital to know how to use this imperative promotional tool to get the biggest bang for your buck.

If done correctly, a book trailer can:

✓ Help brand you and your book.

✓ Give you and your book the professional appearance you need to attract the eyes of readers and publishers.

 Amp up your book’s sales page on Amazon and other retailers.

✓ Give your marketing longer legs and more reach across YouTube, the second largest search engine next to Google.

Increase the sales of your book.

Adam Cushman from Red14 Films will reveal the pros, cons and hands-on how-to that will make you the confident creator of your very own book trailers.

You’ll learn how to make short trailers that don’t look like all the rest out there. Where amateurish book trailers can hurt rather than help boost your book buzz, you’ll be able to create unique, high-quality ones that pique curiosity.


This two-hour workshop will be broken down into five, short, engaging, and digestible segments, with time for Q & A. Adam will demystify the new world of creative book trailers, and get you excited about the potential for your own books and trailers to find new eyes and hearts.


Part 1: The Current State of the Book Trailer Industry. And Trailers that Don’t Work.
History of book trailers, recent innovations in new media, and the changing landscape of publishing and advertising.


Part 2: Types of Book Trailers. And Book Trailers that Work.
Discuss the potential for book trailers, the various forms, who’s using them, who’s benefiting. What is the difference between book trailers and cinematic book trailers? Two examples: Book trailers that work.


Part 3: Traditionally Published vs. Self-Published Book Trailer Creation, Promotion & Marketing
Discuss current state of affairs, how book trailers are regarded in the traditional publishing world vs. self-publishing world. Why YA departments seem to have a stronger grasp. How these trailers can be used to promote film rights. Two examples: YA book trailers.


Part 4: The Ideal Situation, Distribution, and How to Avoid Common Mistakes
How to make a trailer artistic and affordable — pricing, genres, and analytics. Two examples of genre trailers: blurb trailer and author’s interview trailer. Discuss how to distribute a book trailer and the most common mistakes.


Part 5:  Tutorial for DIY Book Trailers
A brief tutorial on how to make a super high-quality cinematic book trailer on your own, for little to no money.

This Blockbuster Book trailer Bootcamp is for ANY writers who want to boost their skills and authority to showcase their work, as well as for aspiring book trailer creators. Whether you’re a novice book trailer producer, or you’re a seasoned pro , this workshop promises to give you the latest info to help you shine the best spotlight on your work.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Millennium Maxwell House Hotel (meeting room location TBD)

4-6 PM CST

Space is limited. Grab your spot NOW for only $40**

Eventbrite - UTOPiA 2016: Five-Year Anniversary Convention & Celebration for Writers & Fans

savage drift“The trailer Film14 made for my novel, ‘Savage Drift’ is the best book trailer I’ve ever seen. It’s a trailer that should have cost ten times what they charged me. I got emails of praise and delight and THANKS from the publicists and marketing people I work with at Macmillan. These guys really, really know what they’re doing. Now my dearest hope is that when the movie gets made (and it’s in the works) it looks as good as the trailer.” ~ Emmy Laybourne, author of “Monument 14: Savage Drift”
jarhead“The team at Film14 did phenomenal work on the book trailer for my new memoir–from development through the completed product. They understood the moods and nuances of my book and transferred these to the film. They’re a professional and hard-working bunch.” ~ Anthony Swofford, author of “Jarhead”

Eventbrite - UTOPiA 2016: Five-Year Anniversary Convention & Celebration for Writers & Fans

ABOUT Adam Cushman and Red14 Films

Cushman bandwAdam Cushman is the head of Film14, an LA-based company that produces cinematic book trailers. Adam‘s novel CUT was released by Black Mountain Press in 2014 and won the Asheville Prize for best first novel. He holds an MFA from Columbia University and has published over 40 short stories. He’s the writer and director of the feature film RESTRAINT, which releases in 2015.




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Film14 was founded in 2011 by writers and filmmakers looking to engage potential readers through a new art form. We partner with talented filmmakers from across the world to produce live-action cinematic book trailers, each a unique piece of art that captures the tone and voice of its inspiration.We produce cinematic book trailers for publishing houses big and small, as well as indie & self-published writers of all types and genres.

Film14 has produced over 150 trailers in the last four years for clients including Penguin, Hachette, Macmillan, and Harper Collins, and authors such as Anthony Swofford, Sally Green, Liliana Hart, Denise Grover Swank, and more.


Space is limited. Don’t miss this opportunity to uplevel your book and brand.  Grab one of the spots for only $40 right now.**

Eventbrite - UTOPiA 2016: Five-Year Anniversary Convention & Celebration for Writers & Fans


** All WORKSHOPS are an extra fee, which is not included in the admission price package of UTOPiAcon.

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