The official #UTOPiA2017 poster design is here!

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Presenting the #UTOPiA2017 official poster!! Designed by Victoria Faye, who also created this year’s logo and branding elements, this poster makes my heart do a back flip off the trapeze. It’s gorgeous and – not gonna lie – I got a little lump in my throat when I saw her put the six years up there. I’m so grateful for … Read More

Q&A with The Novelistas

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I have been dying to do a video Q&A with the women behind The Novelistas for awhile now…but then it felt like I was dying. I caught this winter’s plague, actually my whole family did, and I had to bow out of the video due to a violent cough I was certain was contagious via cyberspace. I had already sent … Read More

UTOPiAcon Announces Author Reading Room

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Every time I hear an author read an excerpt from their own work I glean something new from the story, whether it’s the proper way to pronounce a character name to the true desired impact from an inflection. I pick up story nuances that I missed the first time around. I love it even more when I hear a book … Read More

A Life and a Love in Paisley


Last year, on day one of UTOPiAcon, this guy walks up and says “May I have the mic for a minute?” I have no idea who he is, but Ashley, my event assistant, gave an excited nod, which was all I needed to hand over the stage. He walks up on stage and begins sharing his love story…a love story that … Read More

I’ve Had The Time of My Life


It was a cold, but beautiful day in October back in 2011. I had read somewhere around 65-75 books in only six months, which was a first for me at the time. All by women. Most of them unknown, self-published authors. One of those books was formatted as a square, entirely in bold “ink,” and all one paragraph. And I could … Read More

Maybe Next Year

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This post is not about whether you attend UTOPiAcon or any other book event or a retreat in New York or a vacation in Europe or buy the dress or the shoes or take the class or hire the publicist. It’s about your life. Your dreams. What choices are you making right now to honor yourself? What actions are you taking today to create the … Read More

K Keeton Designs is the Official Photographer of #UTOPiA2017

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It has been our privilege to work with some of the book community’s most talented photographers, designers, hair and make-up artists. And today I get to add Kelsey Keeton of K Keeton Designs to that list. Kelsey has been an avid supporter and friend of UTOPiAcon and the tribe for YEARS (all caps for real). Her catalog of models who have … Read More

UTOPiAcon Master Classes on Sale in January

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January 1st was the first time we’d run a promotion on the Master Classes, and the response to that was so incredible we’ve decided to extend the offer of $17 off the Master Classes until the end of the month! You do NOT have to have or buy a ticket to UTOPiAcon in order to take a Master Class. The classes, while located … Read More

Book-inspired Singer Songwriter, Beth Crowley, to Perform at Sixth Annual UTOPiA Awards

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Some of you may know YouTube sensation, Beth Crowley, from her video where she posted an original song inspired by Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series, which garnered well-deserved praise and has over 1.3 million views! Beth actually first gained recognition on YouTube in 2011 when she was inspired by comedic group Axis of Awesome and posted a medley of popular songs titled … Read More

You Are #FreakingAwesome

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When all of you voted for the Freakshow theme for #UTOPiA2017 I was absolutely giddy. It’s a crazy fun theme to work with in terms of design, marketing and implementation. But the meaning behind the Freakshow theme is what really strikes a chord with me…and hopefully with you, too. The whole idea of calling out the weird and wonderful things … Read More