Bloggers and Booktubers Wanted

Utopia Announcements

youtopia_in_galaxy-290932UTOPiA is expanding its blogging efforts to better serve its growing community, expanding formats and interests. We are looking for writers and booktubers who are passionate about fandoms, books, and creative communities to share news, insights, and all the feels and awesome with our growing list of subscribers and readers.

A few facts about the UTOPiAcon blog (taken from 2015-2016 ONLY):

  • On a single post, we’ve had almost 4,000 views.
  • In a single day we’ve had almost 9,000.
  • In a single month, we’ve had almost 30,000.
  • In less than two years, we’ve had almost 80,000 views.

If you love talking and/or writing about the following, want increased exposure, and want to be a part of the UTOPiA tribe and passions, here are the beats we’d love to get covered:

  • Zombies + Dystopian Lit and Entertainment
  • Sci-fi + Fantasy Lit and Entertainment
  • Indie Books, Authors, and Publishing
  • Traditional Publishing How Tos and Tips
  • Romance Lit
  • Middle Grade + Young Adult Lit
  • Supernatural Entertainment Beat: Vampires, Shifters, Angels/Demons, Ghosts
  • TV and TV alternative original shows and fandoms from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO and others.
  • Comics + Graphic Novels by women or featuring women MCs

We are looking for current and breaking news, interviews, how-tos, inspiration. We do not host or do reviews.

We are also looking for weekly roundups of new book releases by authors attending UTOPiAcon 2017. We are looking for someone to head up the form creation and collection of images, links, authors and titles for that.

For more information and to submit your story now, click the link: