WORKSHOP: Book Branding Blueprint for Indie Authors


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Your brand is more than your logo or the cover of your book. Who you are and what you do should radiate through your branding, and connect with your readers on an emotional level. This workshop, which was especially designed for utopYA attendees, takes the journey of brand discovery that is so important for indie authors today, and elevates it to a platform and plan that help you stand out and sell more books faster.

The two-hour intensive Book Branding Blueprint Workshop created for utopYA 2015 attendees will take place Thursday, June 18th, 4-6 PM at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, TN (room to be announced). It will cover:

  • How to brand and market your indie-published book/series.
  • How to make the most of your book marketing budget.
  • How to create/execute a marketing plan from MS draft to book release.


  • Indie Authors who are unclear on how to brand or market their book and themselves.
  • Indie Authors who want to have a solid yet flexible marketing strategy.
  • Indie Authors who want clear cut best practices for marketing their book.
  • Aspiring indie authors looking to stand out from the competition, and plan ahead for future branding and marketing of their books.


●      What branding is and what it isn’t, as well as why it’s important if you want a long-lasting writing career.

●      How to discover the right audience for your book, and how to reach them.

●      How to create and use a marketing budget effectively.

●      How to create and execute a book marketing plan.

●      Best practices for new media marketing.

In addition to the two-hour workshop, you also get:

●      The Whit&Ware Book Branding Blueprint workbook tailored to Indie Authors to help you discover your brand/marketing strategy ($15 value!)

●      1 free 45 min Discovery Session (must be scheduled after July 2015)

●      Entry in the #DreamLikeABoss Giveaway which includes a full 6 month branding/marketing package
*only 150 entries


The two-hour intensive condenses a three week course of information from Whit&Ware’s Book Branding Blueprint Program (reg. $225), which includes all that is mentioned above.

BONUS: Purchasing the workshop also qualifies you for a 25% discount off the regular Blueprint program should you choose to enroll after utopYAcon.

All of this is available for only $80.00

** SPACE IS LIMITED. Only 40 spots available. Secure your spot now.
Your PayPal receipt is your confirmation. Refunds available for 60 days from purchase. No refunds after 60 days.+++ this is an additional charge to utopYA 2015. The standard and VIP admission tickets do not get you access to this special, limited-seating, workshop.


About Victoria Faye Alday and Whit & Ware

1186878_692891557421222_2122159708_nWhen I first imagined my brand and design company, Whit&Ware, I knew I wanted to partner with my clients to help them define and chase even their smallest dreams because I value the importance of having someone on your side who believes in you and can help bring those dreams to life through solid branding, marketing and design.

In my 10+ years as a designer and marketing professional, I have learned that when dreams are defined, they clearly communicate who you are, they attract believers in you and your brand, and ultimately, they help you thrive and inspire others.

As Whit&Ware, I am committed to helping every client define their dream for those purposes exactly. It’s why I so often ask – how do you want to dream out loud today?

For more information on Whit & Ware’s Book Branding Blueprint, please visit:


Victoria Faye is such a talent – her skills at branding are second to none. Indie-Visible’s super awesome professional, yet fun look and feel is all thanks to Victoria’s keen eye and creative mind. Highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to take their business or brand to the next level.

Chelsea Starling | founder; author

I had the incredible opportunity to work with Victoria of Whit&Ware Design last year. As a new author, I needed help with everything – covers, web design, branding and marketing. I didn’t know where to start. Thankfully, Victoria did. She was able to develop a solid marketing plan, cover designs and website that perfectly matched my needs and created solid branding for me. She continued to work with me as I planned the release of my first novel which was scheduled to come out in time for UtopYAcon 2014. Then the unthinkable happened. I realized I wasn’t going to have it done in time and I panicked. Then I called Victoria. She helped me come up with a Plan B – a prequel novella. As soon as that happened, everything started to click into place again. She designed a beautiful cover that fit the story perfectly and marketing items that were consistent with the branding that we’d already put in place for the novel, Working through this process with her got me back on track with my writing goals and I was able to release my novella on schedule.

Stacie Wilson | author of PROPHECY and MYST