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As you may, or may not, know, utopYAcon has some amazing sponsors. Today we are going to shine our tractor beams on Victoria Faye, the amazingly talented diva behind Whit&Ware.


Victoria F. Alday , Graphic Artist, Author and Certified Cookie Monster, lives, works and plays in Sunny Southern California. If she isn’t working on artwork or writing, you’ll probably find her making music or eating chocolate chip cookies in shameless excess. She illustrates her life here and shares tidbits of her writing here.

1. When you visit the homepage of Whit&Ware: Illustration, Graphic Art & Book Design, the big question you’re asked is “How do you want to dream out loud today?” I love that! Tell us more about your mission and message.

I guess in a nutshell, my mission and message would be that I want to help people do what they love for a living. I work and live by the mantra that helping people dream out loud is part of making stuff that matters, and thats my main goal in life. Besides what better thing to invest in than people’s dreams? Yes, I do offer design, illustration, and branding services, but if you just need a cheerleader or someone to bounce ideas off of , call me for that too! I’m ridiculously passionate about helping people to chase their dreams =)

2. You are a fantastic artist! I know you also have a background in illustration. Has design always been part of your heart’s dream? How long have you been in design?

Oh my goodness, I’ve never wanted to do anything more. I grew up overseas and travelled a lot and because we travelled so much I didn’t get a chance to make friends so I spent most of my time drawing, reading or singing ­ and I decided at eight that life would not be livable if I wasn’t doing one of the three for a living. So I do all obsessively, but illustration and graphic design are my drugs.

I’ve been in design for over 10 years, with a focus in marketing and print design. I’ve illustrated for editorial pieces and children’s readers off and on in the past, but last year I made a commitment to create and design for indie publishers and creative entrepreneurs.

3. Just to give our newbie utopYAcon folks a point of reference, please tell us some of the book covers you’ve designed?

Sure thing! UtopyaCon Alum: Tammy Blackwells – Fragile Brilliance and Timber Wolves series, Frankie Rose’s Hope Series -­ Books One and Two and coming soon, Redeeming Lainey by Kaitlyn Hoyt

And some others: Jen MConnel’s ­- Daughter of Chaos, Lizzie Charles -­ Effortless with You, Amanda Gray’s -­ Endless, Ty Drago’s ­- The Undertakers: Secret of the Corpse Eater, Kristal Shaff’s -­ The Emissary (rebranded cover). Some of my designs are on pinterest


I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m totally drooling over those covers. Do you have any favorites?

I don’t have favorites per se, but I love working with/on illustrations and creating covers for YA Paranormal/Fantasy books especially.

That was a completely unfair question, I know. Like picking a favorite child! So how about the one you’re most proud of?

Well actually this is easier than you would think ­- my first book cover ever ­- Tammy Blackwell’s “Destiny Binds” ­ is absolutely the cover that I’m most proud of. Although I’ve been doing graphic design forever, I’ve only been doing covers for little over a year. And her book is what got this party started!

Are there any book covers out there that you would’ve loved to design?

The cover illustrations for Splintered Series by A.G. Howard are amazing. I would have loved to have designed for those books. ­ I love fairytale retellings! And then the Curse Worker Series -­ I love serial covers because they are like parts of the story in and of themselves…if they are done well, that is.

4. Beyond your graphic art, you’re also an author! Please tell us about your first novel, “How to Find,” and “The Flicker Fall.” When will they make their way into the world?

Man, you guys did your homework!!! I was hoping to sneak the release of those books with no one noticing, It’s my first time putting anything out, so I’ve got stage fright like no one’s business lol. SO nervous.

Of course we do our homework around here. We are sort of bookishly obsessed that way. 😉

How to Find will go to the editor at the end of March, and I’m hoping to share it in April. It’s a sweet romance about a girl who’s obsessed with reinventing herself and a boy who wants to get to know the real her. I am going to design the cover for this one. I got my photoshoot done with Studio 22 Photography (owned/operated by the lovely Megan Allen) and my cover models are completely adorable. Here’s a sneak peek!


The Flicker Fall is a dystopian steampunk­ish tale. It involves assassins, political intrigue and a lead couple who is severely reluctant to be romantic ­ I had to push that back to sometime after utopYAcon this year, because the history of the city and my characters require a lot of love and detail, so I want to make sure to make sure the story stays true to my imagination, not a release date.

I’ve posted a excerpt here, if you’re really curious.

Will you be designing your own covers?

Against my better judgment, lol, yes. I haven’t settled on what I want yet, but I think it’s only because I am SOOSOSOSO in love with these stories, and I want to be perfect ­- Made these babies, so I’ve got to dress my babies just right too, you know?

5. Now we have to ask, and to keep with the UtopYAcon 2014 theme, do you have a favorite alien, past, present, or future?

Favorite Alien Past -­ Christopher reeves -­ Superman! The original hunky good guy alien, hehe. =) Favorite Alien Present -­ I know this is probably weird, but whatever ­- we’re talking about favorite aliens, lol. There’s this Korean series about an Alien who falls in love with a human (I watch korean tv a lot, long story.) Its called My Love from Another Star ­ starring Kim Soo Hyun. He’s my favorite alien right now. Besides the power of drool worthy abs, he also can stop time and some other really interesting things I seem to have forgotten about.


As far as aliens go, he’s pretty awesome.

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