Discovering utopYA, A Personal Story Of Leading A Dream

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Janet Wallace and Katie Cook

Janet Wallace & Katie Cook

Through her Social Deviants* company, Janet Wallace answers questions and offers advice and encouragement to subscribers of her Call to Action — free, weekly calls about all things marketing, branding and social media.

In a recent recording, Janet revealed how her love of books, which helped her escape from the heavy lifting of building a business, led her to create a new community and a new business.

In her own words, Janet described the call:

“I share my personal story of discovering my soul in the stars, stories and dreams of others…and how you can lead your own dreams, not follow them.”

Listen to the inspirational recording here.

*Social Deviants is a thriving social marketing company that helps entrepreneurs and authors build online platforms that stand out, and stand-up for what they believe in, attract raving fans and loyal clients, and increase sales.