Utopia Announcements, Exhibitors

There has been such a demand for exhibitor space, specifically, the one-day-only space, that we have decided to open up the Lobby area for Friday-only exhibitors, as well.

If you already purchased two-day space because the one-day space was sold out, we will transfer your table UPON REQUEST (see form below), and refund any portion necessary.

This is first-come, first-served space. There are 15 tables available in the Lobby for Friday-only.


If you buy 1/2 table, you get 1 chair = one General Admission ticket (if you already bought a ticket, we will refund the ticket). $100 (no increase in price this year!)

If you buy a whole table, you get 2 chairs = two General Admission tickets (if you already bought a ticket, we will refund the ticket). $200 

It is YOUR responsibility to let us know who will be using those tickets so that they can be officially registered in the system.

  • You may sell merchandise & giveaway swag – “MERCHANDISE” INCLUDES BOOKS
  • Exhibitor Widget/Badge for your web site
  • Featured in official utopYA 2015 informational materials, either online or in print
  • Volunteer help to load-in, load-out
  • Promotion in social media posts
  • Eligible for prizes in the utopYA 2015 “Time-tastic” Exhibitor Contest: winners will be voted on by the attendees at utopYA 2015 and prizes will be given to winners at closing ceremonies the morning of Sunday, June 21, 2015. Prizes awarded for:
    1. Best decorations
    2. Best swag
    3. Best solo booth
    4. Best shared booth
    5. Best utopYA 2015-themed booth

There are only 15 tables available. This is a first come, first served situation. If you know you want to be an exhibitor, do not wait. The tables will be gone.

You can request to be paired to share a table with a friend if that friend has also purchased 1/2 a table for Friday-ONLY. We will not hold any space. However, there may arise a situation where you will share a table with a stranger. I hope you’ll see it as an opportunity to make a new friend and collaborate to kick butt for an Exhibitor Space prize.

PLEASE SUBMIT THE FORM BELOW> You will be invoiced or transferred in the order they are received.