Fun New Surprise Events at #utopYA2014

Utopia Announcements

So, we took the wind out of your sails a little with the announcement that we had to cancel the Guinness Record attempt…

You don’t think I’d just let that fly do you????

We have not one, but TWO new, FUN announcements for you to make it allllll better.


1. Friday night, June 20th

9:30 PM


in Maxwell’s (the hotel bar/lounge)

Yes, you heard me. Time to step out of your comfort zone and throw caution to the wind, and do that Heart, Katy Perry or Imagine Dragons song you’ve been singing at the top of you lungs in the shower! Come on, we dare you! Do it with friends or strangers. You know you wanna.


18647-400722. Saturday, June 21st

4-5 PM

Pool Party & Collaborative Jam

We’ve invited some of our musician friends to play a casual, collaborative jam session out by the pool. Sing along or just enjoy while you relax on the grass or cool off in the pool. A great way to unwind before the big awards night fun!



So, what do you think? Did we redeem ourselves?