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[big_header]Welcome to the home of #utopYA2015![/big_header]

Dubbed “The conference with heart” by Publisher’s Weekly, utopYA continues to combine heart with art for the 2015 conference!


An uplifting, collaborative and educational conference for those who love supernatural and contemporary young adult and new adult fiction!

Panels filled with writers and experts in the publishing and entertainment industries will share with established and aspiring authors and screenwriters their tips to improve craft and advance careers, as well as FUN panels for fans where then can directly influence and interact with their favorite writers!

Over 100 Exhibitors

Barnes & Noble AND Indie Book Store on Site!

Educational and Fan-focused FUN panels

Meet your favorite authors in friendly, level playing field environment.

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[big_header]Why should YOU go to utopYA?[/big_header] [testimonial author=”Addison Moore” author_comment=”New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author” photo=”×150.png”]UtopYA is a booklover’s Mecca—bloggers, readers, and writers alike should make this pilgrimage a must year after year.[/testimonial] [testimonial author=”Chelsea Fine” author_comment=”author of Finding Fate and the Archers of Avonlea series” photo=”×150.png”]It’s a beautiful disaster, the mess of giving yourself over to the book you’re writing, and it’s absolutely worth the exhaustion. The trick is to find a place you can go to refuel once that creative well within you has run dry. For me, that place is UtopYA.[/testimonial] [testimonial author=”Victoria Faye” author_comment=”Whit&Ware Book Design, Branding and Marketing” photo=”×150.png”]I’ve visited several industry cons with the motive to network, and I’ve noticed that UtopYA is the only one that allows you to engage and interact on a level playing field. Communication is more open, social, fun, and friendly. Passion and professionalism come together in a unique way there. [/testimonial]

Hear how UtopYA has changed more lives and careers.

[space size=”10″] [big_header]Who else goes to utopYA?[/big_header] [one_half][bullets icon=”0155.png”]

  • self- and indie-published authors *
  • traditionally published authors *
  • hybrid authors *
  • screenwriters
  • comic book writers and creators
  • book bloggers
  • book tubers
  • web and graphic designers
[/bullets] [/one_half][one_half_last] [bullets icon=”0155.png”]
  • book cover and author branding photographers
  • book trailer producers
  • book cover models
  • agents
  • editors
  • publishers
  • FANS of all of the above
[/bullets] [/one_half_last] [ul] [li icon=”0146.png”]utopYA caters to the full gamut of those on any side of the publishing fence because we have a lot to learn from each other, much we can share and even more we can innovate together.[/li] [/ul]


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And you won’t want to miss the 4th Annual utopYA Awards on Saturday night!

This is your chance to celebrate the writers, producers, editors, bloggers, designers and others who bring your favorite characters and stories to life!

With 30+ categories, live music, interactive live streaming and celebrity hosts and guests, it’s YOUR chance to dress up and get down with your favorite authors and friends!

[big_header]NEW in 2015![/big_header]

utopYA expands to 4-day conference – Thursday through Sunday.

Two full days of panels, exhibitors, meet & greets, parties and the best keynote speakers will be follwed by a full day signing event on Saturday (10 AM – 4 PM).

Full-day Saturday Signing Event!

utopYA Idea Exchange:

Similar to the massively popular TED talks, utopYA gives you the chance to apply/submit your “talk.” If chosen, you could share your ideas on publishing, marketing, community-building, craft, trends, good-doing, and forward-thinking with attendees at the 2015 utopYAcon. 

and more surprises to come!!

 Check out the full schedule here.

Grab your ticket and reserve your room in the official conference hotel, Millennium Maxwell House, now! 

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