How you become a part of utopYA

Utopia Authors

Every day we receive emails that say one of the following or something very similar:

“I’d love to get added to the waiting list to join utopYA as an author.”

“I’m an author and I’d love to come to utopYA. Is there room?”

“Are you still accepting authors for utopYAcon?”

I think what they really mean is one of the following:

“How do I get involved in the signing event at utopYA?”


“I’d love to be a guest panelist at utopYA. How does your selection process work?”


Here are the answers and a little clarification about what utopYA is and what it is not.


Is utopYA a Signing?

utopYA is NOT a signing event.

utopYA is a writers’ conference for improving your craft, making contacts with vendors and industry leaders to help you edit publish, promote, design, expand your offerings, and create your writerly life. It is a place to get inspired and motivated to move forward with your dreams. It is a place to connect with like-minded people — whether fans or peers — to take on the next goal and challenge in your life.

utopYA DOES have a signing event that is open to the public on Saturday June 20, 2015. We partner with Book ‘Em to raise money for and get books donated to underprivileged youth with our signing event. It is a separate event from the conference that is open to the public. However, if you purchase(d) a conference ticket, it DOES include admission to the signing.

How to be one of the authors at the signing event:

  1. If you are an invited panelist, you get first dibs on purchasing a table for the signing event ($25 secures your spot).
  2. If you have a utopYA 2015 conference ticket, are an author, and want to participate in the signing, you enter the signing lottery (this will take place in early 2015). We randomly draw names for the available tables. You then purchase your table ($25 secures your spot).
  3. If you do not have a conference ticket, you are not allowed to enter the lottery for the signing event. We do this because we want our signing to be full of authors who believe in the utopYA mission and conference, who participate and are part of the tribe, not just those who want to be part of an author signing.

How do I become a panelist?

Because we are absolutely overwhelmed with requests to be on panels, we have developed a process that works for us. First we decide the panel topics, which are often provided by your own suggestions. Then we invite the moderators — who have experience, professionalism, and a strong knowledge of the topic — to preside over the panel, and they pick two panelists for that panel whom they feel are qualified to speak on the session topic.

The utopYA team, then fill in the remaining slots with people we feel are qualified to represent the topics and the con well, and who the fans have asked for.

You can request to be on a panel, but please know that there are no guarantees that you will get chosen. If you feel qulaified to be on a panel, please see the submission guidelines on the FAQ page.

If you are not chosen, it should NOT be considered a reflection of your work. We are simply buried in requests.

How you become a part of utopYA

Just get your booty here.

We encourage those who have never before attended utopYA to do so first and get a feel for our community. You do NOT have to be on a panel, be an exhibitor, or have a table at the signing at utopYA in order to massively benefit your career. The environment of the panel sessions is one of engagement and is highly inclusive of audience questions, comments AND expertise. Just because you’re on the other side of the table, doesn’t mean your influence and impact won’t be felt and heard by all.

And there are many opportunities outside the panel rooms and exhibitor halls to network, meet your fans, and grow your biz. 

So please, don’t wait for an invitation. Be proactive and join all of us. You will meet so many new and amazing people who can help you make the most of the challenges and opportunities you will face in your journey.

Grab your ticket when they go on sale on November 28th. We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and helping you take your next steps in your career’s evolution.