Join us at #UTOPiA2017 for a Conversation with Vilma Gonzalez

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11817173_402718019921755_4532589739771626350_nAt UTOPiAcon 2017 we have added a new programming segment called THE DEDICATION. These are hour-long conversations with authors and influencers in the publishing community that dig deeper into the “behind the scenes” story of those stars who are driving the direction of the industry today.

We are happy to announce that our first featured guest is highly respected (and two-time UTOPiA Award-winning) blogger, USA Today online columnist, and Austin Book Fest event creator, Vilma Gonzalez.

Vilma Gonzalez started Vilma’s Book Blog (VBB) in 2013, and quickly rose to the top of the paranormal and romance book blogging crop. Her passion for books, her genuine personality, and her dedication to the publishing community has made her a fan and author favorite.

It is an honor, and is going to be a hoot and a half to turn the tables on Vilma and interview the interviewer. I hope you will join us at #UTOPiA2017 live while I talk with Vilma about her VBB Vixens, her favorite types of books, the authors she has gotten to know over the years, her favorite moments in her journey, how YOU can carve a niche and path you love in this industry, and much more.

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Connect with Vilma on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or you can check out her blog at Vilma’s Book Blog.