K Keeton Designs is the Official Photographer of #UTOPiA2017

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Photo Credit: K Keeton Designs

Photo Credit: K Keeton Designs

It has been our privilege to work with some of the book community’s most talented photographers, designers, hair and make-up artists. And today I get to add Kelsey Keeton of K Keeton Designs to that list.

Kelsey has been an avid supporter and friend of UTOPiAcon and the tribe for YEARS (all caps for real). Her catalog of models who have graced bestselling book covers and won UTOPiA Awards is epic. She’s worked with authors such as Jennifer L. Armentrout, Quinn Loftis and more. And to say she has an “eye” for talent.. and sexy shots… and lighting… and hair… and make-up… and mood, is an understatement.

To be able to see talents like Regina Wamba, Victoria Faye, and Kelsey Keeton each grow their businesses, their crafts, their confidence over the years has been awesome to see and inspiring to many, including myself. To also know that these women have high regard and respect for each other is what makes me so proud to know each and every one of them.

Kelsey will be taking photos not only of the speakers and the people on the stage at this year’s UTOPiAcon, but of all of YOU — the tackle hugs, the tears, the light-bulb moments in panels, the laughs, and the love.

Don’t worry attending authors, Kelsey and I have worked out a plan whereby she will still have time to schedule author and model shoots!


Photo credit: Michael Rogers

K Keeton Designs offers stock and custom photography, design, and hair and makeup services (Paul Mitchell Licensed cosmetologist).
Her imagery and designs are featured on hundreds of books, including many USA Today and NYT bestselling authors.
Her vision is to encapsulate whimsical and romantic stories in imagery format.

Telling your story one click at a time.

You can find her on Facebook as K Keeton Designs


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