Let there be Man Cave

Utopia Announcements

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do at utopYA is make the mens in our utopYAn lives feel as special as they make us feel when they support our writing careers — the uniform of pajamas and sweat pants, the Cheetos stuck in our hair, the hair growing on our legs, the missed meals (yes, I realize I’m exaggerating, and that all women writers are the peak of hygiene and beauty at all times during the writing process, going so far as to wear heels and Chanel No. 5 parfum whilst typing in perfectly manicured nails).

All kidding aside, wherever you fall on this spectrum, the truth is that a lot of the men in our lives out there are the real heroes of our stories. While utopYA is driven mainly by women, it’s backseat driven by men (okay, might be time to insert another joke there). I have wanted to create a place for the men to connect, hang out, get to know each other, share stories about their wives and families, and generally just have something to do if they planned on coming to Nashville with their wives, if not the con.

Announcing…THE MAN CAVE.


NOTE: Actual man cave may not look this flipping cool.

The writers get to come out of their writing caves for a weekend of debauchery and tackle hugs disguised as education, celebration and inspiration, which means it’s time to create a space where the men can retreat to and relax in.

Because we were able to “take over the hotel,” a very special room was shared with me — the TITANS ROOM.  I thought, “Oh, that’s cool, they named it after the Tennessee Titans NFL team.” Um, well, that’s only partially correct. This is the actual TITAN’s ROOM. It seems the Titans players and staff spend a LOT of time at the Millennium Maxwell House hotel. This room is where they kick back, watch a big screen TV, and indulge in the wet bar whilst ogling the sunbathers by the pool from the huge windows that overlook the pool.

But not during utopYAcon. The TITANS ROOM has officially become the MAN CAVE for visiting husbands and boyfriends of utopYAcon attendees.

Soooo, fellas, enjoy!! I’ll make sure the room is packed with DVDs of Die Hard, Inception, Aliens, etc. for your viewing pleasure.