More Panelists Announced

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Here’s the latest list of panelists. Now, before you email me saying, “You told me all the panels have been booked for months, so why are you just now posting this…” please note that the panels HAVE been booked for months. This announcement just fell down the list while we had to get other announcements out the door. Sorry for the delay. Without further ado…

1.       Moh Azima (director, producer)

2.       Tammy Blackwell (Author)

3.       J. L. Bryan (Author)

4.       Laura Byrne-Cristiano (Media)

5.       Anna Cruise (Author)

6.       Rachel Higginson (Author)

7.       Kristan Hoffman (Media)

8.       Starla Huchton (Author)

9.       Jennifer Lamoureux (Editor)

10.   Kelsey Macke (Author)

11.   Joe Maxey – (Lawyer)

12.   Christina Mercer (Author)

13.   Christine Munroe (Media)

14.   R. K. Ryals (Author)

15.   Jenn Sommersby (Editor)

16.   Jonny from I Love Vampire Novels (Social Marketing)