More Panelists & Special Guests Announced for #utopYA2015

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utopya2015guestsWe wanted you to have the latest list of panelists and guests who have confirmed their attendance at #utopYA2015. The list is in alphabetical order. The names in bold are the new additions.

I don’t think there’s an adjective out there that adequately describes how we feel about this. We can NOT wait for June…especially considering how damn cold it is.


Victoria Faye Alday

Jamie Anderson

Amy Bartol

Shana Benedict

Tammy Blackwell

Ashley Bodette

S.M. Boyce

Crystal Bryant

Susan Burdorf

Chris Cannon

Kristina Circelli

Hope Collier Fields

Julia Crane

Laura Cristiano

Megan Curd

Adam Cushman

Madison Daniel

Rebecca Donovan

Amy Evans

Lila Felix

Sherry Ficklin

Bret Fine

Chelsea Fine

Lizzy Ford

C.L. Foster

Angela Frederick

Michelle Gilmore

Angela Graham

Nichole Greene

Chanda Hahn

Rachel Harris

Cambria Hebert

A.G. Henley

Rachel Higginson

Heather Hildenbrand

Kim Holden

P.K. Hrezo

Ella James

Amanda Jason (C.A. Kunz)

Nikki Jefford

Sarah Ashley Jones

Elizabeth Kirke

T.A. Kunz (C. A. Kunz)

Carlyle Labuschange

Chris Lee

Leah Lee

Toni Lesatz

Kelly Lynne

Heather Lyons

Michelle Madow

Myra McEntire

Katie McGarry

Christina Mercer

Marissa Meyer

Jo Michaels

Amy Miles

Rick Miles

Jon Miller

Lauren Miller

Michele G. Miller

Delphina Miyares

Amanda Moon

Maria Pease

Alison Pensy

Eva Pohler

Lana Popovic

Doug Provencher

Misty Provencher

C.J. Redwine

Cameo Renae

Gaby Robbins

Bella Roccaforte

Kallie Ross

Mindy Ruiz

Danielle Sanchez

Robert Scherrer

B.J. Sheldon

Jessica Sorensen

Chelsea Starling

Denise Grover Swank

Mary Ting

Julie Titus

Rysa Walker

Regina Wamba

Tammara Webber

Stacie Wilson

Morgan Wylie

Rebecca Yarros


Tickets for #utopYA2015 go on sale Black Friday, November 28th. Grab yours here: