Novelistas Performance and Improv for Writers Master Class Announced for #UTOPiA2017

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Back in December of 2015 a couple of ladies who call themselves The Novelistas emailed us. They’d heard about UTOPiAcon and thought we might be a good fit for what they provide to eager groups of writers and book lovers. I did not see this email. We were in the transition from the utopYAcon life into the UTOPiAcon life, and the domains, the web site, our emails, everything were changing. Their email fell through the cyber cracks.

Lindsey found it in June of this year. It was right before this year’s con, and while I was dying to bring them, the schedule had been set for months, and it just wasn’t possible. I decided to reach out right afterward to see if we could work on a 2017 appearance.

Ashley and I sat down recently for a Skype call with The Novelistas, individually known as Sara Alan and Susan Knudten, and discovered that they are not only experienced and professional workshop leaders and performers, but that they share the same “Lift as you climb” ethos that drives the UTOPiAcon tribe and mission.

It is our great pleasure to announce that Sara and Susan will kicking off Thursday night with a performance by The Novelistas, AND that they will be leading a Master Class on Friday called IMPROV FOR WRITERS!!

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“I love the fun, empowering, in-this-together energy of UTOPiAcon, and I’m excited to bring our Improv for Writers class to this playful group.” ~ Sara Alan


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“I’ve heard such great things about UTOPiAcon—I’m thrilled that I get to be part of this vibrant and growing community of storytellers and storylovers.” ~ Susan Knudten

ABOUT THE NOVELISTAS (performance + cash bar will be Thursday night, June 22, 2017)

Sara Alan and Susan Knudten are Denver-based writers and professional actors who have appeared in thousands of improvised and scripted performances and taught hundreds of classes. As The Novelistas, they perform fun and funny original comedy about the highs and lows of writing and publishing. In addition, they offer private coaching in performance skills and teach a variety of well-received workshops, including Improv for Writers, one of the master classes at UTOPiAcon. Sara’s young adult fiction has won multiple contests, and Susan recently graduated from The Book Project, a juried two-year program of Lighthouse Writers Workshop. Read more about them at


This fun and supportive workshop will get you out of your head and into your body. Using the games and techniques of improvisation, you’ll be guided by two improv pros (who are also writers) to explore the world of your story and its characters in a way that’s only possible when you get out of your chair. Don’t worry: you won’t be put on the spot! But you will leave this workshop with a bounce in your step and solid tools to help you cut through blocks and bring fresh perspective to your work.

The Master Class is limited to ONLY 30 people. It is up on the ticket page: now so secure your spot.