UTOPiA Poolside Bazaar Vendor Application

We are so excited to open up #Utopia2016 to artists, crafters, makers, and vendors who are inspired by books, stories and authors!!!

#Utopia2016 Poolside Bazaar

June 23rd & 24th, 2016

Millennium Maxwell House Hotel

UtopiaCon is headed into its fifth year in Nashville, TN. It’s a four-day conference for writers and readers of supernatural and contemporary fiction. It’s grown eight times in size since it started in 2012, and has been dubbed “The Conference with Heart” by Publisher’s Weekly.

Each year we have authors, graphic designers, web site developers, editors, publishers and more buy up all the exhibitor space, leaving no room to bring in artisans.


Click on picture to enlarge. Pavillon is white bldg in far back. Grassy area where bizarre will be is btwn the Pavillion and the Pool. Maxwell’s is the brown bldg in left of frame. Not seen – the pool patio to left of pool.

But this year, we struck a deal with our conference host hotel to use the outdoor space BY THE POOL (yay!) so that we can bring in vendors inspired by the written word.

The vision has always been to make Utopia a bigger-than-books event, that unites and celebrates all creative indie-preneurs. So we are beyond thrilled to be able to make available twelve 10 x 10 spaces on the level grassy area right by the gorgeous outdoor patio, pavilion and pool at The Millennium Maxwell House Hotel from Thursday, June 23rd – Friday, June 24th.

Expected attendance at #Utopia2016 is 1,000 people, the majority of whom will be staying at the hotel.

Facts about attendees:

  • 95% are female
  • 19% are aged 18-24
  • 27% are aged 25-34
  • 24% are aged 35-44
  • during off-peak times of year there is an average of 100 tweets/week about the conference
  • during the week of the conference there are hundreds of tweets per day about the conference.
  • Majority of attendees come from United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, and UK.

The Deets:

Spot for one-day only Thursday = $150

Spot for one-day only Friday cost $150

Want to set up shop all both days? Pay Only $275 total.

The Bazaar hours will be 11 AM – 6 PM each day. The conference itself runs from 8 AM – 4 PM each day. While you will definitely have traffic all day long, the lunch hour from 1-2 PM and post-4 PM, will probably be the heaviest traffic times. And, of course, you can promote to non-conference goers, as well.

Cash bar + food is available by the pool — Maxwell’s restaurant/lounge/bar in the hotel has a window that opens at 2 PM onto the pool patio for food and beverage. There is also fast food one block away if you choose to walk off-site. There is no volunteer assistance or security available, so please buddy up and help each other out if you’re going to walk away from your booth. UtopYA, LLC and The Millennium Maxwell House Hotel are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Once you have purchased a spot, if you’d like, I’ll add you to the Closed Facebook group for those who are attending. You can get to know them, etc. WHY would this be valuable –> attendees talk constantly about custom jewelry, totes, bookmarks, and “other” items and ideas for book promotion swag, vintage stores they want to visit in town, T-shirts, purses, and all sorts of other things that might give you an idea as to what to bring, sell or make before the event. Also great potential for future client purchases!!! Keep in mind that large items may not fit in attendee luggage.

What we will be doing to promote:

  • Calendar Event Submissions
  • Blog post feature on our web site to all our subscribers and attendees
  • Facebook and Twitter mentions leading up to event
  • All vendors will have a page on the site with name, picture, description of your wares, URL/hyperlink to your web site or Facebook page.

There are only 12 spots available. This is because if it happens to rain on one or all of the days, I want to be able to put you in the Pavillion area, which is completely covered and on concrete. That space is a smidgen smaller than the grassy area, and I want to be able to fit everyone comfortably.

We can provide 6′ tables or you may bring your own.

We can provide one chair per table, or you can bring your own.

millennium-pavilionYou need to bring your own tents or canopies if you like. Not required. And again, if it rains, we will move you to the Pavilion area that is covered by a roof (see picture).

There is no electricity provided, but the wi-fi by the pool is pretty good for mobile purchases (though I’d recommend bringing your own hotspot devices or cell phones just in case it gets spotty for any reason).


One-Day Only $150

Two Day Option Only $275


We will not hold space. Filling out the form does NOT secure space. Only payment secures space. There are NO refunds for any reason. The Bazaar will occur rain or shine. In the event of rain, it will be moved to the Pavillion area.

You may not sell:

  • weapons
  • food
  • beverages
  • animals
  • kidneys and kids are out, too 😉

 Email info @ utopyacon . com with questions.



A person/business selling or offering to sell new merchandise to the public on temporary premises and does not have a permanent, fixed location in Tennessee where the business is conducted is considered a transient vendor. A transient vendor can be both a Tennessee resident or an out of Tennessee resident. Prior to the event date, a transient vendor is required to obtain a 14-day permit from this office to conduct business in this county and/or city. If the permit expires prior to the scheduled ending date, then a new permit must be obtained for an additional 14 days. If the temporary site is located in the Urban Services District (USD) <–> Millennium Maxwell House Hotel is in the Urban Services District, then the permit fee is $112.00. If located in the General Services District (GSD), the permit fee is $57.00. For additional information please contact (615) 862-6254 extension 77150.

Application for Transient Vendor License

Examples of businesses requiring a transient vendor license are: Convention show booth tenants where products are sold; seminars where products are sold; out of state parades or special event participants. 

utopYA, LLC recommends obtaining one. If you decide not to get one, you do so at your own risk. utopYA, LLC and the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel are not liable in the unlikely occurrence that we are visited by “the man.”