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Here is your opportunity to get your news, articles, and creativity seen by our growing community of readers and followers. If you love talking and/or writing about the following, want increased exposure, and want to be a part of the UTOPiA tribe and passions, here are the beats we’d love to get covered:

  • Zombies + Dystopian Lit and Entertainment
  • Sci-fi + Fantasy Lit and Entertainment
  • Indie Books, Authors, and Publishing
  • Traditional Publishing How Tos and Tips
  • Romance Lit
  • Middle Grade + Young Adult Lit
  • Supernatural Entertainment Beat: Vampires, Shifters, Angels/Demons, Ghosts
  • TV and TV alternative original shows and fandoms from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO and others.
  • Comics + Graphic Novels by women or featuring women MCs

We are looking for current and breaking news, interviews, how-tos, inspiration. We do not host or do reviews.

We are also looking for weekly roundups of new book releases by authors attending UTOPiAcon 2017. We are looking for someone to head up the form creation and collection of images, links, authors and titles for that.

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Word maximum: 750 words. If you state a case while yours should be longer, we MIGHT let you stretch it to 1,000 words.

Photos and Videos: Please submit the link to your picture or video. We will embed it for you if this link is supplied. Please make sure you are submitting original content or that you have permission to repost. Please attribute the photo or video (give credit) if necessary. If you’re not sure how to do this, email us at info @ utopiacon . com

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Approval: All submitted stories must be approved by UTOPiAcon editors before you will see them posted on the site. We will not inform you if you are or are not approved, so check the blog/news page regularly.

Opinion Pieces: You may not submit book reviews. You may, however, post an opinion about the TV show episode or movie everyone just watched or must watch. However, if you are going to post spoilers, you MUST include a “Spoilers” tag in your headline AND your first paragraph, as well as create at least a 6-space gap between the announcement of spoilers and the body of the article by using the ** symbol on each line before proceeding. You may also post your opinion on the top 10 best summer reads, etc. Those types of “lists” are fine, but they should include an author or authors attending the current year’s UTOPiAcon. You can find that information on the Signing Authors and Exhibitors Page, on the Panels and Panelists page or the home page.

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