Q&A with The Novelistas

Utopia Announcements, Master Class

I have been dying to do a video Q&A with the women behind The Novelistas for awhile now…but then it felt like I was dying. I caught this winter’s plague, actually my whole family did, and I had to bow out of the video due to a violent cough I was certain was contagious via cyberspace.

I had already sent the ladies questions, and they were kind enough to create a video themselves answering them in their lively, witty, and insightful way.

I can’t wait to meet these women in June. Not only are they funny, but they are wicked talented workshop leaders, and I’m thrilled that the UTOPiA tribe has the opportunity to register for their Improv for Writers master class.

Without further ado, get to know The Novelistas, Susan and Sara, in this short video where they discuss their performance and how the master class came to be and why it has massive success for authors.

Join us for thisĀ unforgettable author and reader event!

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