Revolutions are messy…and that’s a good thing.

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I have a young son. I noticed years ago that he liked to destroy stuff. He would take bad guys and bash them into good guys. He would knock over towers. Cars were sent careening into walls. His determination to clobber me with a pillow or wrestle me to the ground was unwavering. Now, his younger sister, while she loves the color pink and likes to wear dresses, sure does think it’s hilarious to do much of the very same things, especially if I get hurt in the process.

Watching them though, it got me thinking about why it can be good and even healthy to embrace destruction.

The goal of a revolution is to create something new, to build something better. You can’t change things if you’re avoiding them or putting a shiny coat of paint on a wall that is falling down.

Trying to build on top of a bad foundation is dangerous and a dreadful long-term solution…because it isn’t a long term solution. You’re forever trying to hide the dents, the leaks, the weaknesses. You are polishing rust. It may seem like it’s cost-effective and the quickest answer at the time, but who isn’t guilty of having chosen the cheapest path just to save a dime, only to turn around a few months later needing to replace the whole damn thing anyway because now you’ve spent more on repairs than in just doing what you knew you should’ve done in the first place — start over, start fresh.

Even in a controlled environment, destruction is loud and messy. And revolutions rarely take place in controlled environments. They attract attention, sometimes unwanted attention. They are inconvenient because they upset routine. Not to be confused with coups, which are often unplanned and take place in the heat of the moment, revolutions take patience, timing, and a plan for what they will replace…for what they will build.

Embracing destruction, however, clears the way for a new foundation, new opportunities, and a new reality. So if you want to be a full-time writer, a blogger, a booktuber, a filmmaker, a book cover artist or model, a designer, a publicist, or maybe you want to change the publishing industry, put a stop to cyber-bullying, piracy or something else entirely. What ever it is you want, think about what you will need to take a wrecking ball to first in order to pave the way for your #newnormal.

But remember this — Revolutions take commitment. And, as already mentioned, they are loud and messy. Don’t think you’ll come out on the other side without scars. You will. There will be some compromise. There will also be some sacrifices that will have to be made. But anything worth living for is also worth fighting for. As my brilliant author friend Chelsea Fine wrote in her Archers of Avalon series, “there can be no victory without battle.” 

The next time you have a problem in your writing, your business or your life, step back and think about whether this is something that needs a Band-Aid, a new perspective, or just downright needs a wrecking ball taken to it in order to be re-built anew. I find it usually helps to have Hot Wheels, Megatron and Spider-Man nearby in case you’re stumped.


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