UTOPiA is not a place . . . it’s a mindset.

mleightonIn addition to being informative and extremely well-organized, it was so much FUN! It was work fo the best kind—the kind that feels like play. I wouldn’t trade my experiences there with the amazing Janet Wallace and her crew for all the gold in the world. If you ever have the opportunity to go, I would highly recommend giving it a whirl. Utopiacon is a fabulous ride you won’t soon forget.

M. Leighton
New York Times and USA TODAY best-selling author of the Pretty, Wild Ones, and Bad Boys series.

In a world where there is so much white noise, and every modality is competing for our senses, it’s refreshing to be in an environment that shines the spotlight on a passion shared by so many. Utopia is a booklover’s Mecca—bloggers, readers, and writers alike should make this pilgrimage a must year after year.

Addison Moore
New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author

cfineI was fortunate enough to attend the very first annual Utopia Conference in 2012, and each one since, and I plan to continue going every year for as long as they let me in the doors. Why? Because it’s my home.

The people at UTOPiA have a way of bringing my writer’s soul back to life. Not that it ever dies (passion is a beast like that) but sometimes it gets weary, worn down, and even a little blah. BLAH is really the only word I can slip into after several months of non-stop writing. I think all artists experience a weary soul from time to time. Creating is heart draining stuff.

It’s amazing and beautiful and the most satisfying thing on earth, but it’ll suck the heart right out of you if you let it. But it’s a beautiful disaster, the mess of giving yourself over to the book you’re writing, and it’s absolutely worth the exhaustion.

The trick is to find a place you can go to refuel once that creative well within you has run dry. For me, that place is UTOPiA.

Whether you’re aspiring, struggling, or wildly successful at whatever aspect of the writing world you’re involved in (writing books, reading books, reviewing books, marketing books, modeling for books, making movies out of books, etc.) there is something for YOU at Utopia.

It’s a place where every facet of the book industry is treated equally, regardless of what your background or future may hold, and because of this Utopia is an oasis of learning, friendship, and positivity.

More than anything else, each year I leave Utopia feeling inspired. I return home truly encouraged to reach for the stars, grab them with both hands and cling to them until we burn out together in a fiery storm of white-hot brilliance.

Chelsea Fine
bestselling author of Finding Fate and the Archers of Avalon series

scraneUtopia was the perfect mix of people and genres, new and seasoned. Networking was not just easy, but fun and amazing. Readers have the perfect opportunity to come face to face with their favorite authors all lined up one after another, mixed in with some new faces so they can get some new reads along the way, and authors can feel safe and always “in the line of traffic” in this close-knit, energetic environment so they, too, can come face to face with the amazing people who read their books in the best way possible.

Even if you don’t know that many people when you come, you leave going home with a ton of new Facebook friends.

It reminded me of Summer Camp, the very best parts of it, the parts you always look back on and don’t ever want to forget—like leaving with a notebook full of new addresses of people to write to.

And the readers, my very favorite part of EVERY event. They are the only reason I go. Seeing someone that has read your book and it touches them in some way NEVER gets old. It’s so humbling. My little book could actually do that? It doesn’t seem like reality. But it’s my reality and it’s amazing. If it’s your reality, too, then maybe you should check out the next UTOPiA convention. You won’t regret it.

Shelley Crane
New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of Significance

vfayeI’ve visited several industry cons with the motive to network, and I’ve noticed that Utopia is the only one that allows you to engage and interact on a level playing field. Communication is more open, social, fun, and friendly. Passion and professionalism come together in a unique way there. It’s a place to genuinely connect with a community that deeply cares about writers and publishing. Utopia is so much more than a place to meet fellow fans and get your books signed by your favorite author.

Victoria Faye
Whit&Ware Book Design, Branding and Marketing

GenevaLee_SmirkUtopia was unlike any conference I’ve attended in my publishing career, mostly due to the atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm that permeated the event.

After being trapped at an airport and missing my original speaking time, I was nervous about giving my speech. However, sharing my story and my thoughts about women as readers and writers resulted in an instant kinship with the amazing attendees present this year.

It’s not always easy to open up about personal and professional struggles. Writing can be a lonely business and certainly one full of second guessing oneself.

What I discovered through speaking with these women and hearing their stories is that engaging in these types of serious conversations about our struggles is absolutely vital to maintaining the shared community that UTOPiA strives to create.

I’ve been moved beyond words by the conversations I shared with the women there and it left me feeling heartened about the perception of female authors writing in genres that haven’t always accepted them.

Geneva Lee
New York Times and internationally bestselling author of the Royals Saga
and UTOPiA Keynote Speaker 2014

evapohlerUtopia Con was a life-changer for me, because, before attending, I knew very little about how to be successful at self-publishing. I thought I knew, but the panels opened a whole new world for me. I listened to very successful writers share their secrets. They held nothing back. They wanted me to succeed, too. I wrote down everything they said and returned home to systematically apply all this new knowledge to my writing business.

In the weeks following the conference, I went from selling one or two books a day to selling 15-20 books a day.


Within two or three months, I began selling 30-50 a day. I attribute that success to the strategies I learned at UTOPiAcon.

In addition to the business ideas, I also felt a profound emotional transformation while at the con. Janet Wallace and the inspirational keynote speakers were part of it; making friends and becoming a member of a supportive community of like-minded creatives was another part of it. I felt I had finally found my tribe, my clump, my family.

I can’t wait to reunite with my family at Utopiacon this June, and to share with all the newcomers what I’ve learned, so that they, too, can be successful.

Eva Pohler
author of The Gatekeeper’s Saga series
and The Purgatorium series

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