The most aca-awesome gift evah!

Utopia Fan-made

It’s my birthday today. It falls on a dreaded Monday, but I have to say this has been one heck of an amazing day already…because of you.

I woke up to find this link to this video in my Facebook messages from the lovely and talented author, Sarah Ashley Jones.

Seems she was sneaky, and rallied some of the utopYA troops to create their own, original version of the CUPS song in tribute to utopYA!

Here are the original lyrics:

I’ve got my ticket for UtopYA 
I’ve been counting down the days
And I sure would like some sweet books and swag
So it’s off to Nashville, what do you say

When you’re there, when you’re there
You’re gonna love it when youre there
You’re gonna love the heroines,
You’re gonna love the book boyfriends,
You’re gonna love it when you’re there

I ‘ve got my ticket for UtopYA 
The one where you can tackle hug 
It’s got YA, it’s got NA and awards to make you crazay
But it sure’s not the same without you 

When it’s done, when it’s done
You’re gonna miss it when it’s done
You’re gonna miss the late, late nights
Yeah, You better not think twice
‘Cause there you’ll never be alone.

Aca-awesome! I love it, and I am once again, completely blown away by this community of dreamers and doers. I pinch myself regularly to remind myself that this is not a dream. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.