The Official utopYAcon Reading List

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Before you get to utopYA in June, we recommend reading any of these books that you haven’t yet. This is the OFFICIAL list of titles released by our invited authors — meaning, books by those who were asked to sit on panels who are themselves writers.

Some of these titles have not yet been released. The book list criteria was that they needed to have been released between April 30, 2012 and April 30, 2013, so you’ll see a few with no hyperlinks to a buy page.  Keep your eyes on them, though! We will be updating. Click on any one of them to take you to a click through of each book with more info about genre.

To say that reading most of these books has been a personal joy for me is an understatement. I devoured them, bit my nails, and waited impatiently for the sequels. I thank the Universe regularly that there is so much talent out there and no shortage of story ideas or amazing first kiss scenes.

Read them. Love them. Meet them at utopYA 2013! Let me know in the comments how many you have read, and which ones you can’t wait to read!

* While these are in no particular order, I did attempt to keep each authors titles together.

** I linked to paperback editions where available so that you can buy and bring for the authors to sign. If not available, links are to Kindle/digital versions of the books.

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Note to invited authors — If I missed something or made a mistake, holla