UTOPiA Announces Week-long Black Friday Blitz

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BlackFridayBlitz It took me awhile to get this post together because, quite frankly, there is so much going on next week and into Cyber Monday, that I’m not sure even I have all the info.

But here’s what we’ve got planned::

A huge Thanksgiving Celebration on the #UTOPiA2016 event page on Facebook hosted by the amazing, official bloggers of UTOPiAcon. Here’s the schedule:
Monday, Nov. 23 –> Jo Michaels 
Tuesday, Nov. 24 –> Kathryn Grimes
Wednesday, Nov. 25 –> Ren Reidy 
Wednesday into Thursday, Nov. 26 AM –> Ashley Bodette
Friday, Nov. 27 –> Toni Lesatz
I will also be doing a Q&A about all things UTOPiAcon on Friday, Nov. 27 at 8 PM Eastern. There is so much going on this year, and I don’t want you to miss any of it. I’ll update you on all events currently announced — panels, parties, film screenings, speakers, workshops–, and answer questions about your trip, experience, what to wear, how to make the most of the con, and so much more.

Before I go further I need to say how grateful I am for these exceptional bloggers, and especially to Jo Michaels for coordinating the effort. I have such faith in these women that I never worry what they are cooking up because it’s always so above and beyond what I could even conceive. And they are always serving this community through informative posts on craft, opportunities, marketing, mindset stuff and so much more. Subscribe to their blogs now. You’ll get smarter.

They are doing crazy giveaways and games all next week, it’s going to be an absolute blast!

And speaking of giveaways, I am BLOWN AWAY by the generosity of the tribe. Look who volunteered to donate prizes and books next week::

Airicka Phoenix

BJ Sheldon

Cameo Renae

Candace Knoebel

Carlyle Labuschagne

Casey L. Bond

Caylie Marcoe

Chris Cannon

Christina Benjamin

Ciara Knight

Elizabeth Sharp

Felicia Tatum

Jo Michaels

Kelly Martin

Kelly Risser

Kristi Strong

M. H. Soars

Michaela Mills

Mindy Ruiz

Morgan Wylie

N.L. Greene

Shawn McGuire

Sonya Loveday

Stormy Smith

Sweetlove and Hotness Britches

Tia Silverthorne Bach

That list is crazy, and I think there’s still time to donate if you’d like to get featured in next week’s event posts. Please reach out to Jo Michaels in a private message on Facebook.

Last, but not least, ticket prices will be discounted from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Now is the time to buy if you were sitting on the fence. 

So click here now and join the #UTOPiA2016 Facebook event,

and we will see you next week!