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The following post was unsolicited. I saw it on the fan-made Facebook group “We are going to utopYA” page last week. I asked Willow Cross if I could re-post it here because I wondered if some of our readers felt the same way — that they aren’t sure what to make of utopYA or if it’s right for them.

utopYAcon is an exciting place. Sometimes overwhelmingly exciting. It isn’t a cult of crazy (though we love dearly the flag-waving, crazy fangirls that turn utopYA into an adventure). It is a community of passionate, welcoming and determined women (and a few dudes) who have found a tribe where they can, learn, share, swoon and grow with each other. The attendees help shape the format, the culture and the “wow” surrounding utopYA. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do creating it with you.


Willow Cross, author

Willow Cross, author

For the record…I was not asked to post this by anyone from UtopYA. I’m just a busybody and took it upon myself to address a reoccurring theme I have noticed on Facebook recently. LOL

I’ve been hearing whispers and getting messages from people who will remain unnamed. Each time the message goes just about like this:

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“I’m scared to go to this convention. No one even knows who I am! I’m not famous or even close. I will be invisible!!!”

I want to address that right here in public for everyone. I completely understand the sentiment behind those statements. COMPLETELY. Last year was my first year, and UtopYA was my very first convention. And…I was supposed to speak on a panel. (YIKES!!!!) I was petrified. LOL. However, I wanted to go meet up with some of my Facebook friends, and I knew that attending conventions was a great way to network, so I had to set that fear aside and I attended anyway.

Guess what I discovered? Most of the authors there felt the exact same way. I was lucky enough to get to spend time with many authors I’d never heard of and we are now real life friends, not just fb friends. There were many there I didn’t get to spend any time at all with. I totally intend to remedy that situation this year!

If you are having doubts about attending, please shove them aside and show up anyway. If you end up regretting it, I will personally make it my mission to make it up to you.

This is going to be EPIC!!!

# # #

Thank you Willow for the kind and inspiring words.