You Are #FreakingAwesome

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mr-1-freakshow-1When all of you voted for the Freakshow theme for #UTOPiA2017 I was absolutely giddy. It’s a crazy fun theme to work with in terms of design, marketing and implementation.

But the meaning behind the Freakshow theme is what really strikes a chord with me…and hopefully with you, too. The whole idea of calling out the weird and wonderful things that make each of us unique in this mad world, is worth talking about, is worth celebrating.

I see like-minded members of this tribe posting  memes with similar themes — about standing up for what you believe in, about blazing your own trail, about seeking out friends and peers who are the outsiders, the misfits, the ones with rebel hearts like your own…

If you are the introverted dreamer

If you’re the extroverted gamer

If you’re the nerd who once played D&D, and now plays MMORPG.

If you’re the geek turned chic

If you’re a die-hard romantic

If you love the smell of old books

If you cuddle with your Kindle

If you’re restless

If you’re curious

If you’re a writer stuck in a reader’s body

If you find yourself editing Facebook posts for proper spelling and grammar

If you’re sure of yourself but unsure what to do

If you’re lost in a crowd

If you’re the black sheep

If you’re not sure you can write anymore

If you’re wondering if there’s room for you

If you have been bullied

If you get in serious arguments over whether Star Wars is better than Star Trek

If you create Spotify playlists for fictional characters

If you fall asleep reading

If you wake up writing

If you dream in fiction and it feels more real than your own life

If your significant other has to be a reader or it’s a deal-breaker

If you write reviews

If you refuse to read reviews

If your TBR list is more important than your grocery list

If authors are your idols

If readers are your idols

If books are your BFFs

If you hate love triangles

If you love happily ever afters

If you volunteer as tribute

If you named your pets after your fictional heroes

If you feel closer to your online friends

If any of these sounds like you…

…then this is our call —

Come One, Come All 

Because it’s the freaks who challenge you. It’s the freaks who change you. It’s the freaks who seek out the different. It’s the freaks who will create something new.

Come to the UTOPiAcon Freakshow and join us as we celebrate all the awkward and awesome, wild and weird and wonderful things about YOU.


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