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The UTOPiAcon Volunteer Program mobilizes volunteers and resources to drive UTOPiA, its registrants, team, and the community.

Our goal is to enhance the volunteer experience from start to finish, so that we continue to offer the best opportunity to contribute to the fun and success of UTOPiA convention + awards.

Our Volunteers are the faces of UTOPiA, working in and around the convention hotel or official venue; often the first ones to greet our registrants.

Volunteers who commit to a minimum of 5 hours receive complimentary admission to UTOPiAcon.


Volunteers who work at least 10 hours will receive a welcome bag + free t-shirt in addition to admission.

Volunteer BEFORE the Con:


In exchange for help, you can earn admission to UTOPiAcon





We always need help editing our videos for use in marketing, on our YouTube Channel and for other purposes.



We are always looking for great designers to help with our print materials, our online images, poster designs, and more.

Volunteer AT the CON:


duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Registration desk help

  • Welcome Bag stuffing

  • Exhibitor + Signing Hall assistance

  • Awards set-up

  • Bookstore assistance

  • Door staff/ID checkers/Badge patrol

  • Panel room assistance

  • Video recording assistance

A couple of TN volunteers needed to be runners (would need to be licensed driver in state of TN) — you will assist in running errands for staff and speakers.



Convention Volunteers are required to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age*

  • Work a minimum of 5 hours for GENERAL ADMISSION Badge**

  • Have a valid email address

  • Be responsible for working with UTOPiA rep to create your schedule

  • Agree to the Volunteer Release & Waiver of Liability

  • Acknowledge and adhere to the Volunteer Policies and Guidelines

If hours are not fulfilled, you will not be allowed entrance to the next event during the current conference, and will no longer be allowed to volunteer at a UTOPiA conference.

Please note:

We will make efforts for you to attend some of the signing however, as a volunteer, the needs of the conference must come first.

There are early mornings and late nights.

Please consider that before volunteering.

If you’d like to volunteer for a minimum of five (5) hours, please submit the following information, and one of our Volunteer Coordinators will be in touch.


No one under the age of 16 need apply.


Thanks for submitting!

If you’ve already bought your ticket and are selected to be a volunteer –
No worries! Your ticket payment will be refunded back to you as one of the benefits of being a volunteer is free admission to see and help out all of your favorite authors!
But please remember — as a volunteer, the needs of the conference take priority over your desired schedule. There are early hours, late nights and other requirements.
Please consider that BEFORE volunteering just to save you a little cash.


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